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Im attracted to older men I Am Wanting Real Sex

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Im attracted to older men

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M4w I am a sexy, fit, well hung white guy who is looking to please right .

Age: 40
Relationship Status: Not important
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City: New York, NY
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He was 8 years older than me but I was only sixteen at the time, and the first person I got physical. Talking from personal experience, honesty is at the peak of them all. Having been with a lot of im attracted to older men over the years, they are no longer confused, they know what they seek and if that happens to be you then you should feel lucky.

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They have passed that stage where they oder around just because they are horny all the time. They are selective, they have control over their hormones and emotions which makes them very desirable.

If I get knocked up and miss a period, I know my man will handle it. It reduces my stress.

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I had unprotected sex and was worried as hell when I missed my period. He reassured me that there im attracted to older men nothing to worry about and that come what may, he will be there standing by me. I have been attracted to older men.

15 Women On Why They Find Older Men More Attractive Than Boys Their Own Age | Thought Catalog

I looked for maturity, a semi father figure. But, most of all, I looked for security, someone to sort me out without thinking that I am childish.

Someone to handle my strengths with grace and encouragement, while helping me overcome my weaknesses without judgement. We feel older men are more calm and collected, not like the testosterone-charged boys we find all.

Boys have tantrums.

I Look For Sexual Dating Im attracted to older men

But older men go solutions. They are patient, forgiving and empathetic. So the ability to communicate, transparency and straightforwardness are the game changers. They know what they want, and they know how to get it.

Im attracted to older men

The kind where they can intrigue you. In a manner of mystery.

But at the same time, a direct and clear persona. Someone who knows what they are. You are mostly more sorted in life and you stop caring about what other people think of you.

A sort mobile threesome security, and to believe that they can provide that security to you. People comfortable in their own space, making you comfortable in turn.

I majorly lack that ability, and seeing another person doing it creates an attraction out of awe. Men who are older will atfracted connect better with you.

My husband, as well im attracted to older men most the men in his age group, is past belize women dating point of caring what others think. He dresses how he wants and is confident that his attire is perfectly acceptable. They appear to be past the point in their life where fear or intimidation stopped them in their tracks.

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I really like this aspect of older men. There will always be a select few who never truly grow up. Men and farts.

I guess there are always exceptions to every rule. Being kicked around for a few decades really whips a person into shape.

Im attracted to older men

Older men have made their mistakes, done their time pondering how to amend said mistakes, and learned from the entire experience. These guys are usually quite a bit wiser and I find that comforting.

This applies to in and outside of the bedroom. An indecisive man is unnerving.

IRL women explain what it's like to be dating an older man. that I have a sense of completion and pride of who I'm with and our personal, yet. I find the idea of sex with men my own age almost repulsive. I fear I'm destined to have a string of flawed relationships and will end up lonely. I'm 23 but I fancy older guys (plus 45) than the ones in my age. I don't know when but I think I started developing this feeling when I was It's pretty weird and I.

He was the one who asked me out on a date, so I figured he had something in mind. He never did. This is very refreshing. Of course, there is always the inevitable im attracted to older men that having a family brings along, but staying away menn friends who drag you into it is something most older men have found a way to eliminate.